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Polygraph Testing for Those Who Need To Be Sure

We provide polygraph services that grant you peace of mind!

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Is a lack of certainty preventing you from moving forward?

At Polygraph Truths LS, we understand your predicament: You need to be certain about someone, but the problem is you need more than just their word to go by! That is why we offer polygraph testing to grant you the peace of mind to move forward in any venture, employment, marriage, or deal! Let science guide your decision.

We were in need of specialized lie detecting services. I was referred to Mr. Leon de Villiers, from Polygraph Truths LS, by a friend of mine. The process was pain-free and easy and the staff, very helpful. I did not feel like a customer but more like a friend to these amazing people. I can recommend them as a company

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Our Services

Pre-employment Screening

The pre-employment polygraph screening uncovers truths that normally go undetected in regular employment screening. These include undetected crimes, drug, and alcohol abuse, and possible syndicate affiliations – to name a few.
Additionally, we do criminal record checks on all new applicants for employment at a small additional fee.

Periodic Screening

Periodic polygraph testing is a proactive preventative measure. It reduces theft and fraud by identifying compromised individuals and reveals the people who deserve your trust. It’s your psychological shield against greed, corporate malpractice, and the probing intentions of criminal syndicates. It traces suspicious employees & strengthens trust in honest employees.

Incident-specific Screening

Aimed at identifying the untruthful deceptive individual and clearing the innocent.
Verifying an employee’s or an individual’s truthfulness regarding their honesty, specifically focusing on either possible involvement and or knowledge of a specific incident that has taken place eg. murder, fraud, theft, arson, assault, etc.

Infidelity Screening

This polygraph test is used to determine unfaithfulness within the relationship. It can help couples break through those denials and offer the opportunity to rebuild a trust foundation. It also validates the partner’s truthfulness.

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