Lie Detection Services: How to Uncover a Pathological Liar

Noticing the white lie your fiancé tells your mom about how he loves her cooking can be amusing, but hearing your friend lie to their colleague that they grew up in London when you have been to their family home in Cape Town can be alarming. Uncovering a pathological liar is often difficult as dishonesty … Read more

Polygraph Testing: Celebrities Caught Out Lying

    We all tell “white lies” to boost our self-image, protect those around us, or avoid consequences. Even celebrities with millions of fans and journalists to keep them accountable still lie for various reasons. We highlight the top 13 celebrities who were caught out lying. When you do not have millions of people to … Read more

Lie detection services: what happens to the body when we lie?

  An American study undertaken in 2002 revealed that on average, around 60% of people lie at least once during a 10-minute conversation. Most of the participants told an average of 2 to 3 lies. When we take into consideration the small “white lies” we utter almost without really noticing that we are doing it. … Read more

Polygraph Services: Life Before the Lie Detector

  When one is first asked about practically any investigation, their first thought is likely to be related to the lie detector or even polygraph services. This could be the result of the machine being referenced in countless different TV shows and movies, including Bates Motel, Meet the Parents, Person of Interest just for starters. … Read more

Polygraph Testing For Infidelity

    Polygraph testing: If you’re tired of living in ambiguity, and you feel as though it’s finally time to decipher the truth about your suspicious partner, then perhaps it’s time to gather some evidence. But how can you obtain the truth without sneaking around and spying on your partner? The best way to go … Read more

Polygraph Services: How and Why It is Considered in the Workplace

  Remaining truthful can be incredibly beneficial in practically any situation, for both yourself as well as for those around you. Without a clear sense of honesty being present within a group of people, the downfall of their relationships and interactions between one another is sure to make its way to light. This is the … Read more