Polygraph Testing: Learn how polygraph testing can save you time and money in pre-employment screening procedures

  Polygraph testing – more commonly known as lie detector tests – is a type of interview conducted with scientific machinery in order to determine somebody’s honesty or trustworthiness. If your company is in the process of hiring new employees, then it would be worthwhile to consider integrating polygraphs into your pre-employment screening. Read this … Read more

Polygraph testing: a history of lie detection

  Polygraph testing is, in all likelihood, the most well-known and contested forensic tool. Although its history is steeped in lie detection in the context of criminal interrogations, today it has various other applications. From the first traces of early lie detection, to the first model of the polygraph up until the modern polygraph instrument … Read more

Polygraph services: Why Do We Lie?


Most of us have had “honesty is the best policy” drummed into us from childhood, but yet we still find ourselves in situations where we lie despite the multiple consequences entailed by being caught out as a liar. So why do we still lie? We explore the various reasons why people lie and show that … Read more

The science behind polygraph testing: what you need to know


    Since its invention and final evolution to its most digital form, the polygraph machine has been the subject for much heated debate. Despite the contestation, however, the science behind polygraph testing stands firm. Polygraph testing involves the monitoring of a subject by a polygraph machine and an interrogation by an examiner trained in … Read more

Lie Detection Services: Pre-Employment Screening


  Many businesses will hire a person based purely on their CV and how they handle the interview. Unfortunately, many job applicants lie on their CVs or do not disclose their background or affiliations in the interview, which can then severely impact your business. Pre-employment screening is a critical step to take before hiring someone … Read more

How to tell if someone is lying, besides using polygraph services


Today, polygraph services remain one of the most reliable truth detection tools to exist. Not only have they assisted in domestic disputes and work related problems, but they have also helped to close criminal cases that have resulted in dangerous criminals being put behind bars. However, polygraph services are not always available to us every … Read more

Polygraph testing in the workplace

Polygraph testing in the workplace   Polygraph testing – is there a fishy smell in the air? Hmm, I thought so too. Sometimes you just have a gut feeling that something isn’t exactly what can be seen by the eye, but there is no way to find out what really happened except for asking the … Read more