Lie Detection Services: Pre-Employment Screening



Many businesses will hire a person based purely on their CV and how they handle the interview. Unfortunately, many job applicants lie on their CVs or do not disclose their background or affiliations in the interview, which can then severely impact your business. Pre-employment screening is a critical step to take before hiring someone to work in your business. We take a look into all the different types of pre-employment screening, and why Polygraph Truths’ lie detection services are the best option.


Pre-employment Screening:


Imagine the scenario that a new job position has opened up at your business, and you have been tasked with finding a suitable person to employ to fulfil this role. You scour through various job applications and find the top few Curriculum Vitae (CV) which fit the job requirements. These job applicants are then invited to an interview, and one lucky applicant is awarded the job position.




You will sit back and think to yourself how simple and quick the process was to find a great new employee. Unfortunately, you missed out on a critical step in the process of finding a suitable employee. Regular employment screening, which consists of the process you just took, often misses out on certain important aspects about an individual which can have an impact on their eligibility for the job position.


Pre-employment screening is the process of verifying the information that the job applicant has provided in their CV and their interview. Pre-employment screening can also look into other areas of the job applicant’s life, such as their criminal background, possible substance abuse histories, or syndicate affiliations. Most pre-employment screenings should take place after you have assessed the job applicant’s CV and interviewed the person.


Pre-employment screening is critical to make sure you can trust the person you have hired that they will add value to your business and be a great fit in your workplace environment. The pre-employment screening is therefore not only beneficial for your business, but for the safety and well-being of your other employees who will interact with this possible employee.


Different Pre-employment Screening Options:


We look into the different pre-employment screening options and see how they could be relevant for specific industries.


1) CV Screening:


CV screening is a highly time-consuming process as there are numerous aspects to a CV that you need to verify. We have listed a few key categories of a job applicant’s CV that you need to assess.


Education: Many industries require a basic level of education for a job position. This can range from NQF Level 1, which is completing Grade 9, to NQF Level 10, which is a doctorate. Make sure that the job applicant’s education level is suitable for your job position, and then verify that the person attended the listed school or tertiary education facility.


Certification: Many industries require that the job applicant have certifications in their respective field. This can also lead many job applicants to lie about their certification to get the job. When confirming attendance to the specific tertiary education facility, you can also enquire whether the job applicant received the qualification they have stated on their CV.


Employment History: If your job applicant has listed an employment history on their CV, you need to verify if the job applicant worked at these previous businesses. We recommend phoning the listed businesses and confirming. This is also an opportunity to find out why they are no longer employed with this business.


Skills: When phoning the job applicant’s previous employers, this is also a great time to ask them what roles the person had and the skills that they developed. A person may have worked at the specified company, but rather than being the official Social Media Manager, they may have only been an assistant to the manager.


References: Certain job applicants will include reference letters from previous employers or community service programs that they took part in. While these reference letters may have a glowing review of the job applicant, they may have also been written by a family member or friend. You need to find out if the reference letters are true and come from an objective source.




2) Check Criminal Records:


Knowing whether your possible employee is a law-abiding citizen or a criminal is critical information for any industry. But checking a possible employee’s criminal records can be difficult for a business. In South Africa, you are required to receive the consent of the possible employee to access their criminal records. A criminal record check is also an expensive pre-employment screening option.




3) Sex Offender Registry Screening:


Every industry can benefit from doing a sex offender registry screening on a possible employee as this can ensure the comfort and safety of your other employees. Businesses that work specifically with children or mentally/physically disabled people are of extreme importance to perform this pre-employment screening.


South Africa has a National Register for Sex Offenders (NRSO). It is not open to the public but is available to employers of businesses that work with children or disabled people to ensure the person they are hiring is fit to work in this environment. You will need to apply to the NRSO for this certificate.


4) Motor Vehicle Records Screening:


A motor vehicle records screening will show if your possible employee is a licensed driver in South Africa, if they have had any previous misdemeanours with driving, or violated any driving laws. This pre-employment screening is particularly important for businesses that include transporting goods or offering transportation services to customers.


5) Credit History Screening:


A credit history screening can be a helpful pre-employment screening option as it can highlight any possible financial issues or irresponsible behaviours of the employee. Any industry can use this, but it is recommended for employees who will be required to handle accounts or cash.


In South Africa, you can access a possible employee’s credit history through a credit bureau. A credit bureau will compile an individual’s credit rating and then make this available to your business. You will need to have the possible employee’s permission to access this information.


6) Drug Testing:


A drug test will pick up any illegal substances in your employee’s system. A drug test is a way to ensure that your possible employee is not under the influence when being interviewed for the job position at your business.


7) Lie Detector Test:


Another pre-employment screening option is a lie detector test. A lie detection test, also known as a polygraph test, is a device that is used to measure a person’s physiological reactions to a series of questions.


You can tailor your questions to include any relevant queries around the job applicant. This can include asking them where they previously worked, if they have a history of substance abuse, or if they have any criminal records. A lie detection test is the easiest and fastest pre-employment screening option as you can find out everything you need within one report.




Polygraph Truths Lie Detection Services:


Polygraphy Truths offers lie detection services for businesses to use for pre-employment screening. Our motto is “be sure”, which means that when it comes to our pre-employment screening services, our entire focus is on ensuring that you feel confident with the suitability of the employee you are hiring for your business.


Using lie detection services for your pre-employment screening is not only important to find an employee who is eligible for the job position, but also for giving you peace of mind. Knowing that you have an honest employee who you can trust to benefit your business is critical for a successful work environment.


Alongside our lie detection services, we offer other polygraph services which can be beneficial for your business. These include periodic screening and incident-specific screening. Involve Polygraphy Truths from beginning to end in your business to ensure that your employees are always honest and can be trusted.


Benefits of Polygraph Truths’ Lie Detection Services for Pre-employment Screening:


We have listed the various benefits of using Polygraph Truths’ lie detection services as the pre-employment screening for your business.


1) Informed Decision:


Polygraph Truths will conduct a lie detection screening on your possible employee that will provide you with a true and honest report. You can then make an informed decision on whether this employee is suited to your business and feel confident with your decision.


2) Saves Time:


All the pre-employment screening options provide key insights into the important backgrounds of your possible employee. The problem with the numerous options is that getting them all done can be time-consuming. Polygraph Truths’ lie detection services offer you a pre-employment screening option that can cover every topic in one session, therefore saving you time and effort.


3) Affordable Alternative:


Using Polygraph Truths’ lie detection services is also an affordable alternative to getting numerous pre-employment screenings done, as each screening may have a cost involved. Our lie detection service is a one-stop shop for the truth you need to be certain about hiring your possible employee.


3) Accredited:


Polygraph Truths is accredited by the American Polygraph Association. The American Polygraph Association is an organisation that promotes the use of evidence-based scientific methods when assessing credibility.


To be approved by the American Polygraph Association, you need to demonstrate that you only offer valid and ethical polygraph services to assist public interest. Polygraph Truths is accredited by the American Polygraph Association because we use only science-based methods and ensure all our polygraphy services, including our lie detection services, are performed ethically.




4) Experienced:


The Polygraph Truths team is highly experienced in providing lie detection services in South Africa. Our team members have background experience in South African Law Enforcement, which provides us with excellent experience in handling people who are being dishonest about their CV or background.


We have also performed over one thousand polygraph tests and are highly confident in our skills and abilities to provide you with an accurate report.


5) Customised to Your Business:


Industries differ, and businesses within industries can also differ greatly from one another. We understand that your business, whether it is a large corporation, school, or your home pottery business, will be unique. We are therefore able to customise our lie detection services to suit your industry, business, and specific business culture to make sure our questions are in line with your needs and requirements.


6) Excellent Reviews:


If you do not want to take our word for it, we have listed a review from a previous customer who used our pre-employment screening service and had a successful experience.


“Leon and his team at Polygraph Truths, has made our employment a sure decision. We known who we hire, are people who can be trusted above and beyond their CV.” Pete Strong, Colossus Development.


Choose Polygraph Truths’ lie detection services for your pre-employment screening and feel confident with the suitability of your new employee for your business.