Lie Detection Services: What May Drive a Person to Tell Lies at Work?



While at work, all staff members tend to be contractually obligated to remain truthful towards their employers and fellow co-workers under all circumstances. This should not be thought of to be used as a ploy for the higher-ups to take advantage of their employee’s privacy and freedom of speech, but rather as a means to keep all information, in terms of business at least, transparent in order for the company to remain tightly run and well organized for the benefit of the staff as well as the clients. To ensure that this transparency is able to be cemented within your place of work, simply read through this quick article to gain a broader understanding of lie detection services and the countless benefits that can be attributed to their use!





Why Would Someone Want to Start Lying to Colleagues at Work?


As each person is brought up in entirely unique circumstances throughout their lifetime, creating different characteristics with a different mindset as opposed to the next person, each person’s reason for lying may be entirely different from the next. These lies can range from something as petty as calling in sick to work while still being in great shape, to something as serious as committing fraud within the workplace.


While these instances of lying may not be as equally serious in terms of the damage that is being caused, neither example should be taken lightly and should be dealt with in an appropriate manner that fits the crime. By leaving these issues to fester without punishing those responsible, a deceptive and unwelcome environment begins to form where lies and other ill-advised actions become commonplace while giving out equal punishments across all such actions without considering their consequential weight can lead to employees feeling oppressed and unable to speak or act freely under any circumstances.


This is where lie detection services have been able to provide an immense amount of help to those looking to eradicate any sense of dishonesty or negatively charged actions within the workplace. As lie detection services, along with the polygraph machines being used, are able to remain unbiased across all employees, each and every single person is treated as equally as the next, which creates a sense of fairness and builds upon the trust that may have already been established, for those that have not been caught out in a lie at least.


Without such lie detection services, employees may begin to lie frivolously without any fear of repercussions. This is where employees may begin to tell petty lies for their immediate benefit, such as calling in sick in order to not miss out on some sport’s event or just because they are not in the mood that day.




Another reason why some may lie in the workplace is that they are just simply compulsive liars with a bad habit. Those with such compulsions, while they may not always cause harm in instances of little white lies being told about their personal matters, it does leave room for the risk of damage to the company to grow if these lies begin to negatively affect the interpersonal relationships and work performance between employees.


However, while it may be the employee that tells lies with their own intentions, it could be due to the fault of the company in some instances. It has been well documented that employees who work in an intense work environment, where unrealistic expectations, heavy consequences for not meeting such expectations, and intense competition amongst employees have become the norm, can lead to lies becoming more commonly spread throughout the office. Examples of this can be seen as employees beginning to lie and cheat their way to success, not for their own personal satisfaction, but rather as a need to win the favour of those putting them in such dysfunctional work environments.


This is also where secrecy, another form of lying, can begin to enter the workplace. When leaders and employees obfuscate the truth from those working around them, it can lead to the integrity of the entire company being undermined, by the workers within as well as current and former clients. Examples of secrets being kept are when each employee is only given a minute amount of information, preventing anyone from knowing the full picture, which is often done by the employers as a means to maintain control.


It is also common for employees to lie with agendas that are not harmful to those around them, but more so to protect themselves from embarrassment out of a fear of criticism, or simply out of a need to be held in high regard amongst fellow employees. Examples of such lies can be seen as someone telling a fellow co-worker that their work is good when the actual opposite is the case, simply to spare their feelings.




No matter the intention, lies of any nature can lead to damage and harm on a number of different levels, and should not be tolerated in any circumstances. One way of introducing and cementing honesty within the workplace is for the leaders to remain honest themselves. If employers work with the intention of remaining honest to their employees and have made it known through their actions over multiple occasions, then their employees are much more likely to feel comfortable and willing to remain completely honest.


If you are in some form of leadership position at work and would like to implement such an environment into your workplace, then a simple way of doing so is to bring the topic up to your employees and ask for their feedback on how a sense of honesty, integrity, and openness can be promoted and shared across everyone present. Once such ethics and guidelines have been brought up and introduced, simple and unobtrusive reminders have been shown to help instil these ethical responsibilities into the minds of those you work with.


It has also been widely documented that making an active effort to reduce punishments that are excessively harsh and critical when the crime or mistake is only minor in nature can help reduce the need to lie. By keeping things fair, employees become much less driven to act out, whether through lies, secrecy, manipulation, etc.


What Can You Turn to if Dishonesty is Still Prevalent in the Workplace?


If you have done all that you possibly could in order to attain and sustain honesty and transparency in the workplace, but struggle to find success in the matter, then it has become encouraged throughout South African businesses that you turn to Polygraph Truths for our widely esteemed lie detection services. We are able to understand what it is that you are looking for out of such services, which is the need to look past the wall that many employees build around themselves and get to the bottom of the problem at hand, dishonesty.


By using methods that are respected and established within the industry, along with our need to provide you with high-quality lie detection services at prices that not many other companies are able to compete with, we can help you dissolve any risk you may be worried about in a manner that is entirely hassle-free. Our services have had the honour of being repeatedly being called upon by many high name companies and organizations, such as BP Petroleum, Foodzone, Vleislapa, and far more.


The reason we at Polygraph Truths have been able to attain the respect and business of such high-ranking companies is split up into a number of different factors. First off, we understand that any company is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why all of our examiners, over their many years of experience in the field, have gained an excellent understanding of the English language which stands alongside their qualifications in criminology, forensic psychology and other skill sets that are relevant. With such an impressive skill set under their belts, our examiners also adhere to the codes of conduct that have been set up by the American Polygraph Association.




Not only has Polygraph Truths become the home to many of the country’s best polygraph examiners, but our examiners are also equipped with the best polygraph machines too, ensuring that the lie-detection services that you turn to us for are able to sustain the highest of quality. Our polygraph machines and methodologies are all designed to show you the absolute truth through bio-indicator monitoring. These indicators are recorded through a number of different sensors that are attached to the subject and are used to record their blood pressure, perspiration, as well as their breathing, and heart rate too.


These aspects of the subject are able to give indications of nervousness, dishonesty, and secrecy through variations in their normalized levels. In order to establish these levels, a quick series of short questions are asked, which are always completely unrelated to the case at hand. From this point, once any one of the above-mentioned aspects begins to rise or drop, it is usually a sign of some form of discomfort and unease.


These indications, as well as the rest of the results, are all recorded onto a single strip of moving paper, known as the graph, by a number of signals coming from the sensors attached to the subject, known as the poly. By using machines such as this, which are capable of providing clients with a success rate of 98% across all cases, we at Polygraph truths have been able to achieve over 1000 successful investigations across South Africa.


What Other Lie Detection Services Do We Offer?


While many people seem to think that lie detection services are strictly used during police investigations, a belief that seems to be attributed to the use of polygraph machines seen in all forms of media, this is not the case with Polygraph Truths. While this is a service that we provide and have found great success in, our services also extend towards:


  • Pre-Employment Screenings
  • Periodic Screenings
  • Incident Specific Screening
  • Infidelity Screenings


With our wide range of services being able to cover a vast number of topics and situations, whether it be at your place of work or even within your own home, you can still fully rely on Polygraph Truths to bring any secrets and lies to light. If this seems like a service you can benefit from, no matter the context, all that we need from you is the details of your situation as well as what you expect from our services.


This can be given to us through a quick phone call, email, visiting our head office in Polokwane, or by filling in the survey that can be found by clicking on the “Contact” button which is located on the top right side of our website’s home page. It is from this point that you need to wait almost no time at all for your doubts to be settled and for the trust between you and your co-workers to blossom.