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The truth may be a hard pill to swallow for some people, but it is necessary in order for the environment around us to remain safe and to run in an orderly manner. The truth can extinguish any confusion that may be taking place and can relieve anyone of the doubts they may have in themselves as well as the people around them. This is why it is vital that you consider hiring professional polygraph services that are made readily available to you by Polygraph Truths. By reading this brief but informative article, you’ll find out about the countless benefits and uses that are provided by these polygraph services.




How do Polygraph Services Work?


If you are unfamiliar with how such polygraph services work and how these machines are able to tell if someone is being dishonest or not, then you may be pleased to find out that these procedures are able to do so by recording the different psychological as well as physiological indicators throughout the body while being asked a number of questions. These indicators usually differ depending on which polygraph service you may choose to hire, but can normally be seen as variations in blood pressure, respiration, skin conductivity as well as their heart rate or pulse.


Some polygraph services, depending on the equipment being used, will also be able to pick up on the subject’s arm and leg movements too. It is via these various indicators that a polygraph test is able to pick up on whether a person is being honest or dishonest, usually referred to as non-deceptive and deceptive respectively.


Now that you are a bit more caught up on the general idea behind the various polygraph services that are available, it is time to get into a bit more detail. Before starting the test, the subject will have a number of different sensors attached to various parts of their body. These sensors will then pick up on multiple signals (poly) during the question phase of the procedure, which will then be recorded onto a moving strip of paper (graph), hence the term “polygraph”.




At the beginning of these polygraph services, few quick questions that are unrelated to the test itself will be asked as this will allow the polygraph to establish normal signals within the subject themselves. It is only after these signals being recorded that the real test begins.


It is during these series of questions that polygraph services then need to keep track of how and when the normalized signals are deviated from. These deviations can include an increased heart rate and perspiration as well as higher blood pressure too, etc. When these deviations occur, it is likely caused by a brief period of stress within the subject, indicating a lie or some level of dishonesty.


However, as most people tend to react differently when telling a lie, and due the examiner having to give their subjective interpretation alongside the polygraph reading, the results are not always entirely accurate and can be fooled in a few rare instances.


When would it be an Appropriate Time to Hire Polygraph Services?


While there is nothing stopping you from hiring this form of service during social gatherings, polygraph tests are usually conducted in formal settings when the validity of what someone is saying has to be brought to question. This can be seen in a number of different scenarios, with some scenarios being more serious than others while still remaining incredibly important to the wellbeing of the company or person that is hosting the test.


One of the most common scenarios that would require the help of a polygraph would be during pre-employment screenings, or just simply a job interview. For instance, looking at someone’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) can give you an accurate reflection of their work ethic and how they have conducted themselves at previous jobs, but it does not give you a true representation of who the person is on a deeper level.


Polygraph services are often able to bring aspects of the subject’s life to light, such as possible alcohol or drug abuse, various crimes that they may have committed, and even possible affiliations with local gangs or syndicates. Unfortunately, it is the aspects of a person’s life such as the ones mentioned above that can very easily be hidden behind a neat CV, promising qualifications, and a charming personality.


Various companies of all sorts have even begun hiring these forms of polygraph services on a more regular basis to just simply remain aware of whether or not any of their employees have been getting themselves involved in anything that the company may not find appropriate to the standards that have been set. When conducted periodically, these services can evolve to become more of a preventative measure, decreasing the threat of theft, fraud, and countless other white-collar crimes by revealing those employees that can be trusted and those that have become compromised.


By remaining proactive in this sense, you are providing yourself with an effective and trustworthy shield against the countless different forms of malpractice that can be committed in the workplace on a daily basis by tracing dishonest employees and strengthening the trust between you and your honest employees. Polygraph services are not always conducted in a private setting either, as police stations across the globe make use of their own lie detector machines while interrogating a suspect or while investigating a crime.


These tests are not only conducted on potential criminals, but also on those who may have witnessed the crime in question. In fact, many police stations, private investigators, and agencies have come to believe that polygraph tests are even able to uncover information that may not have come to light if approached in any other way. Since many people have become aware of the fact that these same machines are being used by the right side of the law, whether through first-hand experience or through pop culture and media, the use of such machines has become more accepted and even encouraged by the general population.


While not being nearly as serious in regards to the law, but still undeniably being incredibly important to the individual on an emotional level, polygraph services are also hired to detect infidelity or dishonesty in a relationship. By allowing a lie detector test into your relationship, it can provide immense amounts of help by breaking through walls that may have inadvertently been built up over the course of the union between you and your significant other. While a test like this can see the end of even the most seemingly stable relationships, it can also offer the opportunity to rebuild your relationship on a foundation made of trust and complete honesty, while also validating your and your partner’s honesty too.


By looking at all the above-mentioned examples, amongst the many others that are not listed, it is clear to see that the general aim of these polygraph services is to find out the absolute truth behind practically any situation.




Can Employees be Forced to Take a Lie Detector Test in the Workplace


Due to how exposed or untrusted any employee may feel before or during the polygraph test, many find themselves asking if it is compulsory to take part in such examinations. While this may not always be the result of the employee being guilty and trying to avoid the repercussions of their crimes, this question is often asked just for the sake of privacy.


To answer this question as simply as possible, if there is ever the need for polygraph services to enter the workplace, the employee cannot be forced to take part in the testing phase unless they have agreed to it, whether collectively, in a written statement or via the contract that was signed at the point of employment. As has been stated by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), any and all of those who have approved the use of the polygraph test must provide a written agreement as confirmation.


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A Brief Summary of the History of Polygraph Services


Imagine living in a world in which there is no way for us to tell if someone is being dishonest or not, and having to base our conclusions on pure subjectivity and intuition alone. This was the world we lived in before 1921, the year in which the first official lie detector device was built. Achieved while being employed by the Californian Police Service, a Canadian psychologist named John Larson invented the machine that would provide a continuous reading of the subject’s blood pressure, recording the data on a rotating roll of paper.


Similar to the device that J. Larson had invented, a Harvard psychologist named Hugo Münsterberg came to the conclusion that polygraph machines would prove to be immensely useful in the field of law after he himself had used one during the early stages of World War I. It was only in 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, however, that the very first prototype for the modern-day polygraph machine would be invented by Leonarde Keeler, who is often referred to as the “father of the polygraph”. First called the Keeler Polygraph, this version was able to provide great success during several criminal investigations by recording accurate information depicting the fluctuations in the subject’s heart rate, blood pressure as well as their breathing too.


It was only in 1993 that we entered the digital age of polygraph testing. During this time, a software named PolyScore was created by a number of statisticians from John Hopkins University using an algorithm that was mathematically advanced when compared to other forms of polygraph machines at the time. With the data being presented in such a way, it becomes far easier for the examiner to determine the probability of the subject’s honesty or dishonesty.


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