Polygraph Services: Life Before the Lie Detector



When one is first asked about practically any investigation, their first thought is likely to be related to the lie detector or even polygraph services. This could be the result of the machine being referenced in countless different TV shows and movies, including Bates Motel, Meet the Parents, Person of Interest just for starters. It is because of these lie detector machines being featured so prominently across pop culture, as well as our daily lives, that it is difficult to remember a time when they were not so readily available to us. Read further as we at Polygraph Truths take a look at how investigations were carried out before polygraph services and why they were then introduced.




How Polygraph Services Were First Conceived and Why?


Lie detector machines, since their introduction to police stations and criminal investigations around the year 1921, have been able to help convict and exonerate countless people by providing huge amounts of support in the cases that they are a part of. Before and during the beginning stages of the lie detector’s introduction, many cases of similar varieties were often solved in their own different ways, sometimes wrongfully convicting someone for a crime they didn’t do or vice versa. While there are many methods that are still being used to this day that was around long before polygraph services became the norm, many have fallen to the wayside due to their rudimentary or often inhumane practices.




These practices, however, were more often than not, were carried out by police stations and investigators that were underfunded and not properly aware of better tactics. More sinister examples of these tactics being used could be seen in police stations that were shadier than their counterparts, where a paycheck would be considered far more important than the truth of the case at hand, an aspect of crime-solving that has become greatly diminished since the introduction of the polygraph machine.


Many people believe that the lie detector machine was initially invented to make it more difficult for criminals to lie their way out of their crimes, and to make it easier for the police and investigators involved to determine when lies are told. This is only a half-truth as this machine was invented when August Vollmer, the well-respected and famous police chief of Berkeley, California, expressed the need to make the cops at the time more law-abiding themselves. During this time in history, it was far easier for the average person to get away with their crimes, just as it was for the average police officer to get away with their own.


It had become clear that certain members in his own police force, as well as those throughout the United States, were taking advantage of their power, as well as the trust and respect that their town had for them, all for sake of personal gain. This led to corruption becoming more and more common in police stations around the country, diminishing the respect that they had earned while earning themselves a new reputation in the process. One incredibly common practice that was carried out by these individuals was even given its own term, that being ‘the third degree, which involved officers and investigators getting the answers they want through means of severe beatings and other forms of torture.


Growing a strong disdain for the department that he was a part of, August would become a leader of police professionalization in the United States and would even take charge of police reform too. It was under his leadership and time working at the Berkeley police station that the first example of a lie the detector machine would be invented by one of his own officers, John Augustus Larson. He would base his work off of William Moulton Marston’s own work in systolic blood pressure tests, the idea of which would come to him when his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, would say that whenever she would get excited or angry, her blood pressure would rise as well.


William, who was a renowned psychologist who would later go on to create Wonder Woman and remain a comic book writer, believed that when someone was being deceptive in any way, it would cause them to become anxious, which would then also result in rapid changes in their blood pressure. This is something that modern polygraph services throughout the world still rely on, alongside the addition of changes in pulse as well as breathing. However, this machine would have its results and credibility challenged from the moment it was invented.


In 1923, during the Frye v United States case that would end up becoming a historically important Supreme Court judgement, that any scientific evidence that was gathered via the use of a polygraph machine would only be considered as admissible evidence in the court of law if was “sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance” by the scientific community. Not much later, Leonarde Keeler would go on to back the polygraph machine and would even continue to work on it as John’s own protégé. Under Leonarde’s work, polygraph services were able to become completely portable with the added benefit of giving off galvanic skin responses by 1939.




It was during this time that Leonarde was able to set the very first forensic lab the United States had ever seen, the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory at Northwestern, which came about one year before the FBI was able to introduce their own laboratory. The FBI would then go on to purchase the machine once galvanic skin responses were added upon, which would then become the prototype of the lie detector that is still used in polygraph services to this day.


How Are Polygraph Services Used in the Modern Day?


In today’s current society, where practically anything is easily accessible through the help of the internet, it is natural to see that polygraph services are no longer constrained to being used by just the police force. In fact, these services are now not only conducted on criminals and potential suspects but are now often conducted on average citizens from all walks of life. Private investigators and qualified examiners are now able to bring truth and honesty to the forefront of practically any industry and situation, regardless of whether a crime was committed or not.




In fact, it has become rather common for large corporations and smaller businesses alike to hire professional examiners for their polygraph services, helping them uncover the truth to almost any situation that they find themselves in. This is where we at Polygraph Truths are able to help, as we are able to provide a number of different services that will allow you to uncover any number of lies that might have been told around the workplace or home. At Polygraph Truth, businesses of any size are likely to hire any of these three polygraph services for their own employees:


Pre-employment screening


This is a service that allows for truths, which would usually remain hidden during standard employment screenings, to come uncovered from the get-go. Truths that employers often like to uncover, for the safety of themselves as well as their business, would include current syndicate affiliations, alcohol and drug abuse and crimes, etc.


Incident-Specific Screening


This service is usually conducted in order to separate the deceptive from the truthful within the company after a specific crime has been detected. These are usually white-collar crimes that include insider trading, fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting and identity theft, etc. but in far more serious instances it may also include physical or sexual assault, arson and murder too. These screenings allow employers to also confirm the honesty of their employees, and allow the trust to become cemented within the company.


Periodic Screening


These screenings, as the name suggests, are conducted on a semi-regular but consistent basis. It is implemented so that employers are able to detect if any instances of corporate malpractice are taking place within their business, even if no crimes have been detected yet. Periodic screenings are seen as a proactive measure against exactly that, preventing any suspicious employees from committing any ill-advised activities while also strengthening the trust between employers and their honest employees.


On a more personal note, Polygraph Truths also provides polygraph services for those that are doubting the honesty of their partner, whether as a result of infidelity or if they have committed any other atrocities that would break the trust of the relationship. No matter the case, these infidelity screenings allow any lies and truths within the relationship to be uncovered. While this may, unfortunately, end in heartbreak for some, for others, these services are able to help couples break through any walls that have been built up over years, providing the opportunity for them to rebuild their entire relationship on a foundation of trust while also validating any honesty that was already present.




Why You Should Turn to Polygraph Truths When the Need Arises?


At Polygraph Truths, we are fully committed to helping you protect the reputation that you and your business have as well as the trust that has been built up between you and your workforce. We value nothing other than the truth, and getting to the bottom of it is something that each of the expert polygraph examiners are committed to helping you with.


Pursuing nothing other than the best possible results for the sake of you, your employees, as well as your clients, each of our examiners, have sworn to adhere to strict but reliable codes of conduct that have been set by the American Polygraph Association. Along with this, they have each attained an excellent understanding of the English language in addition to the qualification that they have earned in fields such as criminology, forensic psychology as well as a variety of other skill sets that would be deemed relevant to polygraph services. Our examiners have been trusted and called upon by plenty of large and small businesses alike, some of which include BP Petroleum, Vleislapa as well as Foodzone too.


If you would like to join in on the widely coveted polygraph screenings that we provide, you simply need to make contact with us through any of the methods made available to you on our website to provide an option that is most convenient to you. This includes calling us via our telephone number, sending us an email, visit us at our head office in the Sterpark area of Polokwane, or even through our website directly.


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