Polygraph Services: The Purpose of Creating a Sense of Honesty at Work



Polygraph Services: Whenever you walk into a place of business, whether as a customer or client, an employee, or even as the manager, it should always be expected of those that you interact with that they remain honest and loyal throughout the interaction. Without this sense of honesty in the workplace, customers may find it difficult to return for repeat business, and fellow employees may struggle to trust one another during work hours. Within just a few short minutes of reading, you can expect to find out what this can lead to, as well as how business owners, families, and even group leaders can prevent similar situations from occurring through the use of lie detector tests and other means.


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The Importance of Remaining Honest in the Workplace and at Home


One of the first things that anyone can take note of when looking at any business that is run well, or any home that is filled with love and care, is the abundance of honesty in the air. By remaining honest in the workplace, employees and their managers are far more likely to have a healthier working relationship with one another. These relationships tend to be more tightly knit, allowing for a stronger workforce to dominate their specific field, as the individual employees may all feel a far more potent sense of pride in getting a job well done alongside their trustworthy and hardworking colleagues.


This level of honesty may not necessarily relate to employees providing each other with every single intimate detail of their personal lives for no real reason, but rather in making sure that the task at hand is completed in the very best way possible. By making sure that each employee is able to remain honest, surrounding employees are left with no reason to double-check each other’s work for their own sake, nobody is left to rely on others to get their work done, and everyone is rest assured knowing that everyone else is at the very least trying to do the best job that they can. This allows the morale of all employees, as well as the individual relationships between employees, to grow stronger over time.


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The same holds very true in more casual settings, like at home for instance. When family members aim to uphold a certain level of honesty with one another, home life is able to feel warmer and flow with far more grace as no one is left with a reason to judge one another and look over each other’s backs. Family members can instead focus on providing their loved ones with the help and care that they need within a loving space that allows for a stronger bond to grow over time.


This all falls to the wayside once someone starts lying to those around them, whether at home or in the workplace. Once someone starts to knowingly provide factually incorrect information to fellow employees, while it may not be picked up on immediately, it can lead to a whole host of problems down the line. For instance, fellow employees may have to start double-checking each other’s work, both to see if the information is correct and to see if it has been completed in the first place.


The company’s clients may also be given the wrong information or may have their quotes fulfilled in a manner that is unsatisfactory, which not only affects the reputation of the individual employee (if they are found out), but can also negatively impact the relationship between the company and its current as well as future clients. Not only will this potentially lead to a hefty reduction in morale amongst employees, but can also lead to a similarly hefty reduction in the pace at which the work is able to be completed while the overall amount of work that the company receives is reduced too.


Family life can also take a turn for the worse as loved ones may find it difficult to trust and believe one another, which in itself can almost instantly lead to toxicity and hatred being brewed within the home. Luckily, the countless modern advancements that have been made towards technology and social studies within recent years have allowed us at Polygraph Truths to reduce and even remove any sense of dishonesty that you may be sensing in the workplace or at home.


How Our Polygraph Services Can Help to Build Trust Amongst Employees


While it may be entirely possible for the average person to be able to distinguish the truth from a lie, whether through observing the person’s voice, face, posture, and general mannerisms, this does not always provide clear and definitive results on a recurring basis. This is why polygraph services have become so coveted throughout the modern world, for both professional and casual settings.


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By providing its users with a far higher rate of success when discerning between honest employees, family members and those with less truthful tendencies, Polygraph Truths has been able to strengthen the relationship between employees at work and family members at home while cementing a level of honesty that allows for a conducive environment to form where groups and individuals are able to thrive with absolute ease.


Regularly occurring results such as this are partly why our polygraph services in particular have become so sought after throughout South Africa, as our services are offered in Polokwane, Johannesburg, Durban as well as Cape Town. No matter which of these cities you find yourself living and working in, there is no doubt that you will bump into someone with a knack for lying, which is why we offer a number of different polygraph services to help fit your various needs as an employer or homeowner.


Pre-Employment Screenings


The first of the services provided by Polygraph Truths also happens to be one of the more popular services on offer. This would be a pre-employment screening, as our modern-day requires employers to look at more than just a potential employee’s CV as a true indicator of their character and work ethic. While you may be interviewing someone who may seem like the perfect addition to your crew of employees by looking at their appearance, the way they conduct themselves during the interview, and by looking at their resume, there may still be heaps of information that they are obscuring, exaggerating or even withholding entirely. This is where our polygraph services are able to help.


By conducting a lie detector test on an interviewee, you will be able to build up a far more honest and complete picture regarding their personal and professional lives. Although it is understandable as to why any employer would like to know a bit more about their staff’s past and current professional life as it directly affects their work output, some people find it a bit worrying that polygraph services are able to uncover certain aspects regarding their personal lives. While your employer may not care about minor details of your personal life, certain aspects thereof need to be presented factually in order for your employer to place more trust in you. These aspects range from drug and alcohol abuse, possible affiliations with crime syndicates as well as various undetected crimes too.


Periodic Screenings


Another one of the more important and popular forms of polygraph services that we at Polygraph Truths are able to provide would be periodic screenings. It is generally understood in life that people tend to change in minor and major ways over the course of time, both professionally and personally. This is why companies are usually the first to hire lie detector tests that are to be regularly conducted on all of those that work there.


These forms of recurring polygraph services are best viewed as being proactive preventative measures, as these screenings are not only able to uncover which of your employees may have become involved with any activities that your company may deem as unacceptable, but can also reduce instances of fraud and theft within the workplace. Regular screenings like this will allow compromised employees to reveal themselves while also pointing out who is deserving of your trust and respect. It provides you and your employees with protection against malpractice, greed, and many other criminal activities too.


Incident-Specific Screenings


Polygraph services such as this are often used when a major incident that threatens the safety of the workplace occurs. These incidents can range from murder, fraud, arson, assault, theft, general malpractice, and more. By hiring incident-specific polygraph services, you not only provide yourself with the opportunity to identify the perpetrator of such crimes but can also allow you and your fellow employees to get back to the task at hand without having to waste time unnecessarily.


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Infidelity Screenings


On a more personal note, Polygraph Truths’ lie detector tests also extend towards infidelity screenings. While it is not always recommended to hire out these forms of services just on a whim, it can provide the client and their partner with an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with one another as any potential barriers can be broken down in favour of trust and complete honesty to take place when it is needed the most. While it may not always lead to a happy ending in some cases, these polygraph services always provide some amount of value as clients are able to gain a far clearer understanding of themselves as well as their partners, allowing them to take their relationship further in the most conducive way that they find is possible.


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