Polygraph Testing: 10 Signs Your Spouse Is Being Unfaithful



There is nothing worse than suspecting the person you love is being unfaithful to you. Many people in relationships worry about the possibility that their spouse will find someone else, but being faced with the reality can be world-shattering. If your gut is telling you that your spouse is being unfaithful, but you are still uncertain, we have highlighted the common trends that people demonstrate when infidelity is occurring in a relationship. When faced with the uncomfortable reality that your spouse is cheating, we have recommended three ways to handle the situation successfully. If you choose to pursue polygraph testing to uncover the truth from your spouse, Polygraph Truths offers effective and supportive polygraph testing for infidelity.




10 Signs Your Spouse is Being Unfaithful:


Being married to someone means knowing everything about the person intimately. When you suddenly notice a change in their appearance or behaviours, you can be thrust into a state of confusion, anxiety, and distress. We have outlined the general trends of an unfaithful spouse for you to keep an eye out for in your relationship if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you.


1) Increased Need for Privacy:


Every successful relationship is built on a firm foundation of trust. One of the many ways two people can build trust in a relationship is the sharing of intimate information about themselves. If you suddenly find your spouse withholding information about themselves, such as where they have been or how they are feeling in certain instances, this is a demonstration that they require more privacy. No person is obligated to share every minuscule detail about themselves, even in a marriage, but an increased need for privacy on important matters may indicate that they are hiding something from you.


2) Different Phone or Computer Use:


Phones and computers have become an integral part of daily life. The rules regarding the use of phones and computers differ in every relationship. Some couples may happily lie in bed together while they scroll through their respective social media, while other couples may have strict screen-time rules to ensure they are spending quality time together. We have listed a few common changes in phone or computer use that may signal your spouse is being unfaithful.


Secretive Use: Whispering into their phone in the bathroom, late-night “responding to emails”, and sly smiles at their phone hidden in their lap are a few of the signals that your partner is being secretive about their phone or computer. If there was nothing to hide, there would be no need to wait for you to be asleep or away for them to answer messages or emails.


New Password Protection: Many people in relationships will share their phone or computer passwords with their spouses. It is a demonstration of trust and confidence, as well as being useful if there is an emergency. If you find that your spouse has recently applied new password protection to their phone or computer, you can be suspicious of their behaviours on these platforms.


Overly Protective: If your spouse overreacts or pales at the sight of you holding their phone, this is a sign that you can be concerned. While it is important to have healthy boundaries in a relationship, your partner should never be overly protective of their phone or computer. These items, while personal, should be free for mutual use should the need arise.




Ignoring Callers: Ignoring work calls after-hours is one thing, but ignoring late-night callers in your presence can be worrying. If your spouse seems uncomfortable talking to someone in front of you, this may be a sign that your spouse is being unfaithful.


3) Change in Appearance:


Many people find a style that they affiliate with and stick to it. If your husband has suddenly shaved the beard he has lovingly grown and manicured for years or your wife is suddenly getting her nails done when previously she would scoff at this activity women engage in, these are warning signals you should pay attention to. While a change in appearance that is positive is something to support, if it is drastically different from their personality and previous appearance style, then you can be concerned.


4) Overtime at Work:


There is nothing more embarrassing than arriving to surprise your spouse during their overtime with their favourite dinner to find a room of employees stating that your spouse left work hours ago. Using overtime at work as an excuse to not come home is the classic signal that there is a problem in your relationship. While many offices require employees to work overtime, if this is a sudden change in your spouse’s work routine, then you may need to investigate further.


5) Concerning Expenses:


Random Uber charges to unknown locations, splurges on new clothing, and high bills from expensive bars are all expenses to be concerned about. If your finances are shared and you can access your joint bank account, this is an easy way to start a conversation with your spouse about your suspicions. By simply broaching these concerning expenses with your spouse, you can assess whether your worries are unfounded or if there is more to the story based on your spouse’s reaction.


6) Lack of Intimacy:


Both physical and emotional intimacy is critical for a strong and healthy relationship. If you find that your spouse is no longer interested in being intimate with you or does not have the energy to discuss their day or emotional state, then this is a sign that there is a lack of intimacy in your relationship. This is not always a sign of infidelity, so it is important to immediately address your concerns about intimacy with your spouse.




7) Change in Friend’s Behaviour:


Close friends offer a safe and non-judgemental space for confiding information. If you suddenly notice your spouse’s throng of best friends being distant or looking at you with pity, you can be confident that there is something wrong in your relationship. If you have a close relationship with your spouse’s friends, we recommend having a quiet conversation with them about their notably different behaviours. If they tell you to speak to your wife or husband, then you can be concerned.


8) Often Unreachable:


Do you find that there are long stretches of time where you simply cannot get in contact with your spouse? Do they frequently use the excuse that their phone died or that their data has run out? When you are unable to reach your spouse, it is natural to wonder where they are and what they are doing that means they are unable to answer your texts or phone calls for hours. While there may be a reasonable explanation, they may be busy spending their time with someone else.




9) New Hobbies:


Personal hobbies are healthy and recommended for people in a relationship. From art classes to golf to cooking lessons, there are many hobbies that spouses do individually and this is often beneficial for their relationship. But finding that your spouse is suddenly invested in a hobby that does not match their personality, such as sky-diving or tap dancing lessons, can be a cause for concern.


10) Avoidance:


Do you find it is almost impossible to spend time with your spouse? From their early-morning gym routine that has them out of bed before you are awake to weeknight drinks with friends to weekend’s away, you may feel as if they are avoiding spending any of their free time with you. Avoidance is a hurtful and distressing experience in a relationship and can demonstrate that your spouse is uncomfortable facing you due to being unfaithful.


How To Handle The Signs of an Unfaithful Spouse:


If you have noticed many of the signs of an unfaithful spouse in the person you love, you have a harsh reality to face. While you may be dealing with the hurt of being cheated on, you may also have other major factors to take into consideration, such as children, finances, or joint future dreams. We have highlighted three healthy ways to handle the situation with your spouse if you are suspicious that they are being unfaithful.


Have a Conversation: We understand that being faced with the suspicions that your spouse is being unfaithful can lead to accusations, fighting, and a charged emotional state. That being said, the best way to approach any issue in a relationship is by having a calm conversation with the person. Try approaching your spouse with level-headed questions regarding their changed behaviours or suspicious mannerisms. Hopefully in this setting, your spouse will feel comfortable explaining their infidelity or put your worries at ease with an understandable explanation.


Marriage Counselling: Many spouses do not react well to the insinuation that they are being unfaithful. This can send your relationship into emotional turmoil if not handled correctly. Marriage counselling is a useful tool that can assist honest and clear communication between a couple. Your marriage counsellor should also be able to pick up any signals that your spouse is being unfaithful, or if your worries are based on other underlying problems.


Polygraph Testing: If your spouse adamantly denies that they are being unfaithful, but you still cannot shake the worry that something is unsettling in their behaviour, you can then gently request them to take a polygraph test. Polygraph testing will provide you with results you can trust. You can either go back to a strong and healthy relationship or begin addressing the reality that your spouse has been unfaithful based on the reliable results provided by polygraph testing.




Polygraph Truths’ Polygraph Testing for Infidelity:


Polygraph Testing offers polygraph testing services for infidelity. We understand the stress and worry that stems from suspecting that your spouse is being unfaithful. No matter how often they assure you that your worries are unfounded, you may feel that you cannot move forward in your relationship until you are certain. Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing is a service that provides you with results that you can be sure of and enables you to act based on facts.


Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing has satisfied a long list of clients. From uncovering denial to strongly demonstrating your spouse’s truthfulness, you are certain to attain peace of mind with the accuracy and reliability of our polygraph testing. We will provide you with professional and accredited polygraph testing services so that you can take the next steps in your relationship in an informed and confident way.


Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing is performed by experts. Our years of experience and qualifications ensure that you can trust the information provided by our infidelity screening. We also offer a supportive and safe space for both you and your spouse during the polygraph testing to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident throughout the process. With Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing, you will walk away with the certainty that you know the truth about your spouse.


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