Polygraph Testing: Can You Deceive Polygraph Truths’ Polygraph Testing?



In movies or fictional novels, there is often a guilty individual who uses a crafty trick to deceive a polygraph test and evade conviction for their crimes, usually with a satisfied smirk. Can these same tricks be used to beat polygraph tests in real-life polygraph testing? We explore the common deception techniques that are recommended for beating a polygraph test and demonstrate how they will not be able to deceive Polygraph Truths polygraph testing. When you require polygraph testing, you can trust the reliability of the Polygraph Truths polygraph services.




Quick Overview of a Polygraph Test:


Before we dive into the different deception techniques for a polygraph test, we first need to understand the basics of how a polygraph test works. A polygraph test is a scientific procedure that is performed on people who are suspected of being involved in a criminal or suspicious situation.


In a polygraph test, the person suspected of dishonesty or involvement in a situation will be linked to polygraph equipment. The polygraph equipment will then measure and record the person’s physiological responses as the person answers various questions asked by the polygraph examiner. The polygraph examiner will then analyse the data captured by the polygraph equipment and use this data to determine the truth regarding the specific circumstances of the polygraph test.




Disproven Deception Techniques for a Polygraph Test:


Whether you are frantically searching for ways to beat an upcoming polygraph test or are simply curious about the reliability of polygraph testing, you will find a wide range of deception techniques that claim to be able to help you deceive a polygraph test. We have explored a few of the common deception techniques and demonstrated that these cannot be used to beat Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing.


1) Lying During the Control Questions:


Polygraph tests are commonly referred to as lie detector tests. This then leads people to believe that if they simply lie during the control questions, and be honest during the relevant questions, that they will be able to distort the results in their favour and beat the polygraph test.


The term “lie detector test” is an inaccurate description of a polygraph test. Polygraph tests do not measure lies; they measure physiological responses to questions. The problem with this deception technique is that it implies that it is easy to lie during polygraph testing.


Human beings intrinsically find it difficult to lie, hence why there are physiological changes when we lie, such as perspiration and an increased heart rate. Unless you have years of experience in controlling your physiological responses whilst lying under the stressful circumstances of a polygraph test, this deception technique will not work.


Polygraph examiners will also select specific control questions that will provide an accurate base of comparison for the relevant questions. If they suspect that you are intentionally lying during the control questions, they will simply use alternative control questions that are impossible to lie about, thus removing the possibility of using this deception technique.


Polygraph Truths is trained and experienced at identifying attempts at deception during a polygraph test. We use specialised equipment and techniques to ensure that all the reports produced by our polygraph tests are reliable and accurate.




2) Altered Breathing Patterns:


A deception technique recommended to beat a polygraph test is to alter your breathing patterns. When we lie, our breathing becomes shallow. This deception technique claims that you will be able to deceive the polygraph equipment used in a polygraph test by increasing and decreasing your breathing rate at certain intervals.


Polygraph equipment uses specialised sensors that accurately capture the specific physiological responses of the individual undergoing the polygraph test. A cardiograph is used to measure heart rate and blood pressure, electrodes are used to measure perspiration changes on the individual’s skin, and a pneumograph is used to measure any breathing changes.


To adequately deceive the pneumograph for this specific deception technique, you will need to have access to the polygraph equipment to practice. You will also need to have polygraph testing experience and training to understand how your changes in your breathing rate will be recorded and analysed.


Polygraph examiners are also trained to notice any acute attempts at deceiving a polygraph test, and an altered breathing rate is a commonly attempted one. Pair all of this with the difficulty of controlling your breathing rate in a stressful situation, and the result is that this deception technique is not going to enable you to successfully deceive the polygraph test.


Polygraphy Truths uses the latest polygraph equipment that will accurately capture any physiological changes throughout the polygraph testing. This enables us to provide a reliable and accurate report regarding the results of the individual undergoing the polygraph testing.


3) Stand on a Sharp Object:


To deceive a polygraph test, this deception technique recommends that you place a sharp object, such as a thumbtack or a pin, in your shoe or your palm. When you are asked a question, you place pressure on the sharp object to spike your heart rate as you require, and you will successfully deceive the polygraph test.


This deception technique will not be able to beat Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing. We perform a thorough pre-screening on every individual before they attempt the polygraph test. This includes assessing the individual for any hidden objects that may be used to distort the polygraph test results. We take every measure to provide you with the truth when it comes to the polygraph test reports you receive from Polygraph Truths.




4) Antiperspirant on Hands:


When people lie, their bodies naturally start producing sweat. The increase in the sweat is picked up by the electrodes, and this information then contributes towards the data used to determine the results of the polygraph test.


A common deception technique that is recommended to beat a polygraph test is to wear antiperspirant on the areas where the electrodes will be attached. The theory behind this deception technique is that the polygraph test will be unable to pick up your change in your sweating and, therefore, enable you to beat the polygraph test.


The common misconception is that all you need to do to deceive a polygraph test is to beat the polygraph equipment. You also will need to deceive the trained polygraph professional, and with Polygraph Truths, this will be difficult to do. Attempting an obvious deception technique such as using antiperspirant on your hands will contribute negatively to your overall polygraph testing.


The Polygraph Truths examiners are trained professionals with years of experience in the polygraphing industry. Using antiperspirant is a widely known deception technique, therefore, we immediately assess the individual for this attempt at deception. We ensure that all areas where the sensors are attached to the body are cleaned and free from any products that may affect the accuracy of the polygraph test.




Polygraph Truths Polygraph Testing:


Polygraph Truths is a professional polygraph testing company. Polygraph Truths offers a total solution to all your needs for polygraph testing. Whether you are a business owner worried about hiring a potential employee, a husband concerned about your wife’s behaviours, or unable to determine the guilty employee in a workplace incident, we have a polygraph service suitable to your needs. We have briefly outlined our four polygraph services.


1) Pre-employment Screening:


Our pre-employment screening is a polygraph service aimed at businesses. Finding a reliable and qualified employee for your job position in your business can be difficult. Even when you do find someone who appears to be made for your job position and business ethos, can you truly trust that they are being honest about their qualifications or personality?


The Polygraph Truths pre-employment screening service enables you to uncover the truth about a potential employee before you allow them to sign the employment contract.


We can detect if the potential employee has been dishonest regarding their qualifications or experience on their CV. Our pre-employment screening service will also uncover if your potential employee has any syndicate affiliations, has committed any crimes, or is involved in substance abuse, all of which could have negative ramifications for your business.


2) Incident-Specific Screening:


Workplace incidents such as theft, damage to property, arson, or fraud can be devastating to business operations. Uncovering who is at fault can be difficult, especially when your employees protect one another regarding each employee’s whereabouts and involvement in the incident. The Polygraph Truths incident-specific screening is a useful tool to uncover the truth behind an incident and enable you to take adequate corrective steps.


The Polygraph Truths incident-specific screening service can also be useful at home. If there has been an item stolen from your home or you are worried about a family member’s involvement in a crime, you can use this service to uncover the truth behind the specific situation.


3) Periodic Screening:


The Polygraph Truths periodic screening service is suitable for both businesses and at home. For businesses, you can ensure that your employees will always act in acceptable ways in your workplace as they will be aware that periodic screening can occur at any point. At home, you can use periodic screening to ensure that if your family members have been involved in any unacceptable or criminal behaviours, that you will be able to uncover the truth at any time.


4) Infidelity Screening:


Infidelity in any relationship can be devastating, but suspicions of infidelity can also lead to arguments, distrust, and damages to the relationship. A simple way to uncover the truth is Polygraph Truths infidelity screening. The reliable results will inform you as to whether your partner has been unfaithful or if your worries are unnecessary.


No matter your scenario, Polygraph Truths will ensure that you receive the truth with our reliable polygraph services.


Why Choose Polygraph Truths:


We have highlighted a few of the key reasons why Polygraph Truths is your best choice for your required polygraph testing.




We offer polygraph services that will provide you with reliable results so that you can either remove your suspicions about a person or take action to rectify a situation. Our reliability stems from our experience, qualifications, use of the latest polygraph equipment, and our ability to not be deceived by common deception techniques.




Polygraph Truths is accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA). This accreditation further emphasises the professionalism and reliability of the polygraph services we offer. Providing you with peace of mind is our main goal, therefore we ensure that all our polygraph services are in line with the high standards of the APA.




We strive to ensure that no matter the situation, the truth is always uncovered. This is why we offer our polygraph services at an affordable rate. Whether you are a large corporation or a concerned individual, you can rest assured that you can receive the affordable services of Polygraph Truths.


Polygraph Truths offers polygraph testing services that cannot be beaten by common polygraph test deception techniques, offering you an accurate and reliable polygraph testing service.