Polygraph Testing: Celebrities Caught Out Lying





We all tell “white lies” to boost our self-image, protect those around us, or avoid consequences. Even celebrities with millions of fans and journalists to keep them accountable still lie for various reasons. We highlight the top 13 celebrities who were caught out lying. When you do not have millions of people to keep an eye on your employees or spouse, uncovering a lie is more difficult than it is to catch a celebrity lying. Luckily with Polygraph Truths’ polygraph testing, you can uncover the truth easily.


Top 13 Celebrities Caught Out Lying:


Whether it is a lie about their age, birthname, employment history, or involvement in criminal activity, numerous celebrities have been caught out blatantly lying. We have selected the top 13 lies told by celebrities.


1) Steve Rannazzisi:


Steve Rannazzisi, an American comedian and actor in The League, got caught out in a severe and disconcerting lie. Steve Rannazzisi claimed to have been working on the 54th floor of the second tower of World Trade Centre on the day of the 9/11 attacks. In a strange attempt to fit in with other comedians at the beginning of his career, he made a flippant remark that he had been there and had escaped the terrible event. He maintained the lie for years, although his accounts started to become dismissive and inconsistent. Steve Rannazzisi eventually admitted to the lie and has since shown sincere remorse about his lie.


2) Martha Stewart:


Martha Stewart, a household name as an American TV personality, businesswoman, and author of numerous best-sellers, was caught out in an incriminating lie. Martha Stewart was involved in an insider trading scandal, where she used insider information to sell stocks before the collapse of ImClone, a biopharmaceutical company that went under due to an experimental cancer drug Erbitux not receiving FDA approval. Martha Stewart initially denied this, until later confessing and being charged for lying to federal agents, among other charges.




3) Jennifer Lopez:


Jennifer Lopez, an American actress, singer, and dancer, was caught out lying about her age. Jennifer Lopez used to claim that she had been born in 1970 when in reality she was born in 1969. Although only claiming to be one year younger than her actual age, Jennifer Lopez claims it was based on insecurities about her age. In an incident in 1999 that involved an altercation in a nightclub, Jennifer Lopez was required to give a statement to police and provide her details, in which she provided her real birth year and had to own up to her lie.


4) Angelina Jolie:


Angelina Jolie, an American actress and humanitarian, claimed to have Iroquois ancestry. The connection to The Iroquois, an indigenous North American tribe, was used by Angelina Jolie’s mother and father, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight, as an attempt to make Angelina Jolie seem more exotic. Jon Voight finally admitted that this was a deceitful attempt to boost Angelina Jolie’s image with false ancestral links.




5) Tonya Harding:


Tonya Harding, an American figure skater and television personality, lied about her knowledge regarding an attack on Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan had been fierce figure skating competitors. Before the 1994 U.S Figure Skating Championship, Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by a man who was hired by Tonya Harding’s now ex-husband to boost Tonya Harding’s chances in the competition. Tonya Harding initially denied knowledge, but later confessed.


6) Paris Hilton:


Paris Hilton, American socialite, business owner, DJ, and great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who founded the famous Hilton Hotels, blatantly lied about her use of illegal narcotics. In an interview with Larry King Live, Paris Hilton claimed that she has never taken illegal drugs, despite numerous photographs and videos documenting her with narcotics. Not only did Paris Hilton lie to Larry King, but she also lied to a police officer about being in possession of illegal contraband. Paris Hilton later confessed and paid a fine, served community service, and attended a substance-abuse program.


7) Kylie Jenner:


Kylie Jenner, an American socialite, business owner, model, and youngest member of the famous Kardashian clan, was caught out lying about her lips. After receiving injection fillers to plump up her lips, Kylie Jenner claimed she achieved this enhancement with lipstick and lip liner. She repeatedly denied using injection fillers to enhance her lips until finally admitting the truth in an interview. Due to having received the initial injection fillers at younger than seventeen as a result of insecurity, Kylie Jenner claimed her lie was to prevent her young fans who viewed her as a role model from seeing lip fillers as a recommended thing to do at a young age or to counteract insecurity.




8) Chris Brown:


Chris Brown, an American R&B singer and dancer, quickly fell from his prestigious pedestal after allegations that he assaulted Rihanna. Initially, Chris Brown denied these allegations. Their relationship had become emotionally and physically violent after he was discovered to have been cheating on Rihanna, which he too initially denied. In 2009, Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in his vehicle on the way home from a party. Rihanna pressed charges, Chris Brown was sentenced to five years of probation and community service, and now admits to his violent behaviour apologetically.


9) Rebel Wilson:


Rebel Wilson, American actress, comedian, singer, and most notable for her role in Pitch Perfect, has been caught out in a variety of lies regarding her age, birthname, and her experiences growing up in Australia. With regards to her name, Rebel Wilson claimed that she had been given the name Rebel at birth but went by her middle names Melanie or Elizabeth to avoid being teased at school for her unique name. In reality, her birth certificate states her full name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, with Rebel Wilson being an adopted name when she rose to fame.


10) Jack and Meg White:


One strange lie stems from Jack and Meg White, singers in the American rock band The White Stripes which rose to fame in 2002. Jack and Meg White claimed to be brother and sister for multiple years but in reality, they were not related and had been married in 1998 and were divorced in 2000. When a marriage certificate was unearthed, and the ex-couple were required to admit to their lies about being related. They decided to claim to be brother and sister to encourage fans to focus on their music rather than on aspects of their relationship.


11) Rick Ross:


Rick Ross, an American rapper and founder of Maybach Music Group, lied about his previous employment history. Rick Ross had worked as a correctional officer at a Florida prison before becoming a world-famous rapper. Attempting to uphold his street cred reputation as tough and his acts of a felony, Rick Ross denied his position as a correctional officer. Rick Ross even claimed that a photo demonstrating him working at the Florida prison was edited. Documents using his social security number and birth name, William L. Roberts, have been unearthed, yet Rick Ross is committed to this lie and still refuses to admit to working as a correctional officer.


12) Lance Armstrong:


Whether you are a cycling fan or not, you will most likely know the infamous lie told by Lance Armstrong regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Lance Armstrong, a professional road racing cyclist and most well-known for his seven “wins” at the Tour de France, repeatedly denied his use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. After investigations by the U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), he was stripped of these titles and later banned from competitive cycling. In an Oprah interview, he finally admitted to the use of these drugs and his lying.




13) Bill Clinton:


Bill Clinton, an American politician and the 42nd president of the United States, refuted claims that he was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. The political scandal with Monica Lewinsky, who was twenty-two at the time and had been interning at the White House, occurred whilst Bill Clinton was married to Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton’s inappropriate behaviour and lies under oath resulted in his impeachment in 1998.


Catch a Liar with Polygraph Testing:


With a plethora of adoring fans, journalists, and Government officials to keep tabs on the lies told by celebrities, it is understandable that eventually they will be caught out with their lies. A person in your life who you may suspect is being deceitful, is involved in a crime, or is being unfaithful is not as easy to uncover. With only you and a handful of friends or employees to keep those around you accountable, dishonest actions can easily slip through the cracks. One way to confidently and efficiently unearth a lie that someone in your life is telling you is to use polygraph testing.


Polygraph testing is the process that involves expert polygraphers, polygraph equipment, and a person who is under suspicion being asked a series of questions. The person’s physiological responses to the questions are recorded and analysed, and based on this information the expert polygraph tester will provide you with a result as to whether or not the person is being deceitful. When looking for a polygraph testing service, Polygraph Truths is the partner you can be sure of.




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