Polygraph Testing: Cultivating a Sense of Trust in the Workplace



By looking at any environment within the working sector, it has been proven time and time again that the best results come from employees that feel safe and comfortable within their workspaces. This sense of safety is not just bestowed upon any working environment at random but is rather earned over time as the relationships between the employer and their employees strengthen. With the various different polygraph testing services provided by Polygraph Truths, we can provide you with the opportunity to identify any bad actors within your workforce while solidifying a sense of trust with those that deserve it.




The Importance of Creating a Safe Space Before Polygraph Testing


It should come as no surprise that our best work often comes from times when we feel completely comfortable and at ease within our current environment. If the working environment is perceived by employees as being hostile or chaotic, it can quickly become incredibly difficult for them to work at their peak performance. An employee may find it difficult to work efficiently, or may simply start caring less if the working environment has not earned their trust.


Trust between anyone can be difficult to earn in almost any regard, and should not be taken lightly once achieved. As an employer, it is your job to not only ensure that your workforce is reaching deadlines and providing acceptable results but to also earn the trust of your employees. This trust is what will enable your employees to improve workflow and even surpass expectations, not out of a sense of obligation, but because of the goodwill and honesty that has been created within the environment.


There are countless ways of building a sense of trust within your company, each bringing their own benefits and results but all working towards the goal that many employers can only dream of. Many of the most successful methods are not once-off strategies that are implemented briefly and then just as quickly discarded once results appear, but are rather sustained over indefinite periods of time. Like working on a skill, the repetition of certain well-meaning and honest interactions between you and your employees can help to cement long-lasting and incredibly favourable results.




The best time to start cultivating trust within your company is at the very beginning, as first impressions mean everything. On an individual level, it can work wonders to make it known that you trust your employees from their very first day at work, as it can be easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed, making it difficult to learn new systems and meeting new people while still getting the job done to adequate results. During their first few days and weeks of work, it is important to maintain an exceptional onboarding experience as this is when new employees are able to predict how they will be treated over the course of their careers within your workforce.


Moving forward, it is within your company’s best interest that you continue to maintain this working experience for newcomers and veterans within your team alike. The most immediate method of achieving this, while not immediately effective but still providing a solid foundation to work off, is to be honest with your employees and to support them wherever possible. This can be difficult for many employers as it requires you to remain truthful at all times while also remaining sensitive to their emotions in certain situations.


While no one enjoys having to endure these situations from either side, employers are still able to gain immense trust when providing the necessary facts, even when it can be difficult to hear. With this in mind, it is important to share necessary information in its entirety for several reasons. While doing so may show that you are able to work well with others, it also provides your employees with the tools and information needed to do their job too.


This is when you should also be ready to over-communicate in regards to the job at hand. While many may see this as rambling when done poorly, over-communicating a point can help to prevent mistakes from occurring when done correctly. By clarifying your points while also allowing your team to speak up about potential problems, everyone is provided with a much clearer understanding of any given task.


With this level of honesty being put on the table, it becomes exponentially beneficial to provide constructive criticism whenever possible too. This allows your employees to feel supported as you provide them with the opportunity to grow and improve in their work, instead of punishing them for not reaching your high expectations. On the other end, if an employee brings a problem to your attention, it is just as important to avoid becoming defensive and to instead listen to what they have to say, ask more questions and then provide a constructive response to the problem at hand.




After having these sometimes-difficult conversations and reaching a conclusion that leaves you and your employees happy, it should be imperative that you place a strong focus on staying true to your word. It can be helpful to follow through on promises that you have made within the workplace, but in times when you have no choice but to break these promises, it is just as important to inform and be honest with your employees regarding the situation. Unexpected family emergencies or other unforeseen problems can be easily forgiven, but lazy or dishonest excuses cannot be.


As a way to ensure that employees are able to give you the benefit of the doubt, consider providing your team with the same in return, as no one enjoys conflicts in the workplace, something that can damage the trust that employees have in their boss. When an unexpected issue arises and is brought to your attention, make it your priority to listen to what your team has to say, gain their perspective on the matter, and gather any and all information related to the issue at hand. If your employees are correct, inform and thank them for bringing it to your attention, but if incorrect, then make sure to provide constructive and kind feedback in a genuine manner.


As you may have gathered by reading through this article, one of the most effective ways of creating a trustworthy and safe environment within the workplace is to simply see your employees as the humans they are, people with their own emotions, perspectives, and opinions. By respecting that and by treating them for what they are, humans, while still displaying impeccable competence as their boss, you can easily expect that same respect back. This respect and trust amongst co-workers can then become a solid foundation on which your company is able to grow off of and thrive going forward.




How to Proceed with Polygraph Testing Services in the Workplace?


All the respect and trust that you have been able to cultivate amongst employees, no matter how difficult or easy it has been up to that point, can be equally damaged or strengthened in severe ways when a serious offense of any kind has been committed within the workplace and the culprit is nowhere to be seen. Managers and employers have tarnished their longstanding reputations within an instant as a result of handling these situations in an unfair manner, something that should be avoided at all costs. Instead of punishing all employees for the crimes committed by only one of them, an unbiased approach in the form of polygraph testing may be the most impartial approach.


Before commencing with any polygraph testing, it is advised that you first inform your employees and explain the crime that has been committed as well as the testing that will soon be occurring within the workplace. By surprising your employees with such polygraph testing sessions and providing no time for them to gather their thoughts, it can place them under an immense amount of stress and make them feel as if their words are being discredited and not taken seriously, even though they may not have been the culprits. It is important to make it absolutely clear to your team that it is not that they are not being trusted, it is that someone amongst them may have broken that trust and refuses to come forward.


While conducting a polygraph testing session with one of your employees present, it is ideal that the surrounding environment makes them feel comfortable and at ease. By making the session seem like an interrogation, your employees may begin to feel unfairly antagonized or even attacked for a crime they did not commit. This will not only cause irreparable damage to the relationship between you and that individual employee but between you and the rest of the team too.




Where to Turn to When in Need of Reliable Polygraph Testing Sessions


One way of easing any tension that may arise when informing your company that they will be undergoing a polygraph testing session is to let them know that the team behind these sessions are well-trained professionals with decades of combined experience within the field. While such a team may usually be difficult to locate soon after a serious offense has been committed, you can rest easy knowing that you can find them here at Polygraph Truths. For those that are unfamiliar with our work, not only do we have industry experts in our team, some of which have reached a senior level during their history within SA Law Enforcement, but our team as a whole has also become accredited by the American Polygraph Association too.


With such a sturdy foundation allowing us to move forward, we have since been able to conduct well over a thousand successful investigations since our company was first conceived. One aspect of our work that has allowed our company to succeed, is that we have been able to become incredibly versatile in dealing with the many different crimes and situations that have been thrust upon us over our years of service. While our most sought-after polygraph testing service may come in the form of incident-specific screenings, which are aimed at separating the deceptive employee from those that can be trusted soon after a serious crime has taken place, we also provide various other sessions too. Alongside our incident-specific screenings, we also provide:


Pre-employment screenings:


Meant to see whether or not a potential employee can be trusted in various ways before they have been hired.


Periodic screening:


Often seen as a proactive preventative measure, these screenings reduce the risk of theft and fraud by identifying any potential outliers within your team while strengthening the trust between you and your honest employees.


Infidelity screening:


This is conducted to determine whether or not a partner has been faithful within a relationship or not. While these sessions can be difficult for all involved, it does provide the couple with a chance to rebuild their trust within one another.


If any of these polygraph testing services seem interested to you while in your pursuit of a truthful and safe working environment, then Polygraph Truths may be the best option for you!