Polygraph Testing For Infidelity





Polygraph testing: If you’re tired of living in ambiguity, and you feel as though it’s finally time to decipher the truth about your suspicious partner, then perhaps it’s time to gather some evidence. But how can you obtain the truth without sneaking around and spying on your partner? The best way to go about it is to ask your partner to bear it all with a lie detector test. Read this article to learn how Polygraph Truths can solve your domestic scandal with polygraph testing for infidelity.


Reading the Red Flags


Picture this: your partner has been coming home late every day and they’re always making excuses for their late arrivals. Either they got stuck in traffic, or they couldn’t find their keys, there often seems to be a justification of unusual social behaviours and patterns. Your partner might get anxious when you look at their phone, or perhaps you’ve noticed that they don’t engage in conversation with you the same way you once did.


Every time you begin to question them, they deflect your own questions back onto you. They find ways to pick at your faults and they start to initiate fights without reason. You often find that they give you half-truths or just omit to say anything at all about their sneaky behaviour or their unusual attitude.


These are just some of the signs that your partner might be cheating on you. Other signs could be more physically presented, such as a lock of hair on their clothes, perfume in their car or lots of outgoing calls to a strange number. If you’re more observant you might recognize other tell-tale signs that are projected into your interactions.


For example, they might seem emotionally distant. They find it troublesome to communicate with you and this is noticeable in the physical nervousness they demonstrate when you try to look them in the eye for a serious conversation or questions about their whereabouts. These types of behaviours are often clear red flags that something isn’t right.


But despite the apparent warning signs, without hard evidence or an admission of guilt, there’s not much to support your claims. Crying wolf could also be harmful in the case that your partner is not cheating. So what do you do when your partner is clearly being avoidant, but you have no official evidence to accuse them of what you think might be an affair of the heart?




Seeking An Admission of Guilt


Without clear, measured proof of your accusations, you could ruin a relationship and break the trust. And even if you did have evidence, it would be difficult to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about it, because there’s a fair chance that they’ll deny the allegations. This is precisely why Polygraph Truths offer polygraph testing services for cases of infidelity: to help you gain the scientifically measured truth in a tricky situation like cheating.


Polygraph Testing Measures Physical Responses Using Science Instead of Suspicion


Polygraph Testing – also known as the ‘Lie Detector Test’ – is a scientific way to measure someone’s physical responsiveness to predetermined questions. These physical reactions are correlated to the common body responses that occur when we are lying. For example, spiked heart and blood pressure, incessant sweating and shallow breathing are all physical symptoms that align with lying.


By measuring your partner’s physical response, polygraph testing offers clear evidence that is discerned by science rather than suspicion. There are five physical responses being measured:


  • Breathing rate
  • Pulse
  • Perspiration
  • Blood Pressure


The tests are conducted between trained professionals and the test subject, with the option of having one other person in the room. The questions in the test will be discussed prior to the commencement, and all tests require full consent from the test subject beforehand. The tester would then attach electrodes to the test subject’s fingertips, an arm cuff to check their blood pressure and chest straps to survey the test subject’s breathing and heart rate.


At first, the polygraph tester will ask simple questions about the test subject’s name, surname place of birth and date. These questions will form a control set whose responses can then be compared with any deviations or changes in perspiration, breathing or pulse. After that, serious questions will be proposed and the physical responses and vital signs will be recorded and compared.


The results of the test are confidential and will not be shared with any other third parties. These services are always effective evidence of one’s digressions. However, it is important that the responses are paired with other supporting evidence too in serious legal or criminal cases.




Bring In An Impartial Mediator


Polygraphs are often a much more effective way of resolving domestic disputes because it is done in an impartial environment with a mediating third party. Without the emotional urgency that comes from a romantic betrayal, there is more room to achieve clarity by speaking factually and matter-of-factly. The trained personnel has no emotional investment, and can thus act as the scale of fairness that will level the playing field for future communication.


If your partner consents to try polygraph testing, then this could be a good sign that they also want things to change. It could also reflect their desire to confess. Verbalizing our fears and mistakes can be terrifying, and it can equally intimidating to disappoint your partner and open yourself up to criticism. But with polygraphs, you can minimise that stress and just return to what matters: the truth.


Without the aggravation and frustration of lies and omissions, you can rest easy knowing that you did all you could to determine the best route forward for you and your partner. Communicating the truth in a polygraph test can be an incredible source of relief and a necessary way to bring stability back into your life. It is a non-violent, peaceful way to hash out your dispute and determine whether your concerns are warranted.


Don’t Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You




In this case, knowledge is power. With more information to work with and all of the raw truths laid out before you, it is much easier to decide how to move forward. Achieving truth, although it may be brutally painful at times, is better than driving yourself crazy with overthinking and overanalysing. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite as debilitating as living with the fear that your partner is leading a double life.


Infidelity can have serious, long term physiologically traumatizing effects. Infidelity can cause stress-induced weight loss, stress-induced weight gain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, rage, guilt, substance abuse, alcoholism, paranoia and a sense of helplessness. These consequences can be severe if you share a family with your partner. Intergenerational trauma could easily be passed on through your kids if they have to witness prolonged periods of suffering and lying alongside their vulnerable parent or guardian.


Rather than letting yourself and your family fall victim to tragic acts of betrayal and infidelity, you can choose to seek out the light. Forget about the frightening prospect of dealing with divorce or breakups, once you’ve conducted a polygraph test and confirmed or rejected your inklings, you’ll find that the next step will present itself organically. And to top it all of, you can feel proud for asserting enough confidence to reclaim your power and ask for a certifiable answer to your questions.


Proving Your Innocence With Polygraph Testing


From an alternative perspective, it is also worth noting that polygraph tests have often been used to prove your own innocence. If your partner has come to a conclusion that you’re cheating, and you have no ways to calm their qualms, then a polygraph test can be an effective measure to take against the accusations placed against you. This will help them to see the validity of your responses, and perhaps it will help to clear the air and make room for more dialogue around your domestic troubles.


Even if the accusations aren’t related to physical infidelity, there’s always the chance that there is some emotional cheating happening. It’s not unusual to find that relationships are being torn apart by resentment, coveting or jealousy. In these scenarios, it might seem unjustified to seek out such serious measures as a polygraph test. But in fact, these patterns of behaviour can be equally detrimental to any relationship.


Use Polygraph Testing To Maintain Trust




If you want to maintain a healthy bond with your partner, then polygraph testing is an official, affordable, scientific way to validate your trust or distrust. Amongst other services like couples’ counselling, family therapy and meditative retreats, this test will offer almost immediate results to the burning questions that are taking up your emotional real estate. Instead of doing emotional gymnastics every time your partner says something strange or acts out of character, you can get the answers you need from Polygraph Truth’s test and bio-indicator methodologies.


Polygraph Truths is a reputable South African company that was founded by Suzette De Villiers, head Facilitator, and Leon De Villiers, Chief Executive Officer. Leon completed a Forensic Psychophysiologist Curriculum course at the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training in Philadelphia, which is accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and the American Association of Police Polygraphists). He has used this training to grow a business that provides evidentiary support for those who don’t want to rely on their assumptions.


Having used his expertise to develop Polygraph Truths, Leon invested his energy into the establishment of a reputable company that offers quality customer services and prices. Alongside Leon and Suzette is a series of associates and employees who have experience in psychology, criminology or the polygraph industry. These examiners possess excellent language skills and they are guaranteed to handle your situation with the care and professionalism it deserves.


You won’t need to be concerned about your secret getting out, or your neighbours hearing. The confidential polygraph testing is just meant to put your demons to bed so that you don’t have to exacerbate a bad situation with just assumptions as your armour. Remember, there’s never any shame in seeking the truth. You are only human, and unfortunately, these kinds of betrayals and affairs are a sad part of life. Maybe you can’t change the situation, but you can change how you handle it – choose to embrace honesty today with polygraph testing.


About Polygraph Truths


Polygraph Truths is based in Sterpark, Polokwane. They offer free consultations which can be scheduled by contacting them via their telephone number: 082 900 3167. They offer services such as pre-employment lie detector screening (to measure undetected crimes, syndicate affiliations or lies on a candidate’s background check and curriculum vitae), periodic screenings (to verify whether staff members with permanent access to company assets and confidential reports have been involved in misconduct), infidelity screening (for suspicious partners) and incident-specific screenings (for accidents and insurance issues).