Polygraph Testing: Why Educational Institutes May Need to Consider Them



Widely considered to be one of the most respected jobs in the world, being a teacher must be taken incredibly seriously by whoever decides to fill that role, no matter who their students are or the subject that they are teaching. As high-quality forgery becomes far easier to obtain and create as technology progresses, educational institutions on every level should do whatever they can to prevent their school’s reputation from becoming tarnished because of a teacher or lecturer being caught with fake credentials. As your last line of defence against untrustworthy or suspicious characters within your staff of teachers, consider hiring the esteemed polygraph testing services provided by Polygraph Truths.




The Effects of Hiring Unqualified Teachers


We, as humans, are prone to making mistakes and breaking the occasional rule here and there. While some of these mistakes and acts of defiance may ultimately be harmless in some cases, they can wreak havoc and have a devastating domino effect on the world around you, especially while at work, and even more so as a teacher. While incredibly obvious after not much thought at all, many people tend to forget that teachers are actually one of the main pillars of our society, educating the generation that will one day replace the current one and continue the survival of our species. By having even one bad actor play a part in these roles, the effects may not become readily apparent but will almost certainly have far-reaching consequences for all involved down the line.


There have already been countless cases throughout the world of teachers committing various crimes in all manner of ways, ranging from physical abuse to sexual misconduct and, unfortunately, far more. From the moment of their employment, teachers should make it their mission to uphold the values of the educational system for the betterment of their students. By committing inappropriate or even unlawful actions of any kind within this environment and during the formative phase of practically unnumerable children over the course of years, not only do you risk harming each individual student’s entire school career, but you also risk reducing the quality of life in the world around you as future participants within society are not given the fair and quality education that they deserved.


This is especially true in cases where educators have been caught out for faking their teaching credentials. This may seem like an outlandish and blatantly immoral act to commit, one that shows nothing but sheer disrespect towards the institute as well as the students involved, but is a surprisingly common occurrence in various parts of the world. In fact, during 2019, a teacher named Ivette Serrano Hughes, based in North Carolina, USA, had been caught and reported for teaching students using fake credentials after a story published by JoCoReport broke out a few weeks prior that had reported another teacher being caught for the very same thing in a Cleveland High School.




Students and institutions are affected by such bad actors in countless ways. Students are given unfair treatment while at school while also being taught information that may either be factually incorrect, inconsistent in quality or is not even being taught in the material’s intended order, etc. This can quickly lead to the students having gaps in their knowledge in a variety of different subjects.


On an educational level, this leaves students with information that is not adequate for them to be able to either further their school career or to even start their career once graduating on the basis of being taught by someone with fraudulent credentials. If these students are then still hired in the working world without the proper knowledge needed to do the job effectively, it can then lead to various sectors that these former students have been hired into suffering serious consequences down the line. On a personal level, however, students that are affected by fraudulent teachers can suffer from serious mental health issues and more down the line.


It has been well documented in the past that students who have been taught by teachers who are deceitful in any way are more likely to suffer from some form of mental illness, ranging from either one or a combination of depression, anxiety, PTSD, reduced self-esteem and general confidence, and far more. Once they are made aware that their teacher or lecturer has been teaching on false claims, or worse, students are often placed in a position where they need to redo their course or move on without graduating. This can waste large sums of the student’s money, but also wastes many of their most valuable years before entering the workforce, essentially impacting the rest of their lives in sometimes dire and even life-altering ways from that point on.


The employer that had hired these fraudulent educators, on the other hand, is then subjected to scrutiny in regards to the overall quality of their school’s education and legitimacy, as well as that of other teachers that have been hired within the same school. This is precisely why it is so important to ensure that each teacher and staff member is properly vetted, as it can positively affect the quality of your school’s education as well as the careers of current and future students alike. While background checks on potential candidates for your school can provide massive amounts of help in this regard, they are not always perfect and may require additional assistance to help paint a better picture of the candidates’ true intentions and nature. This is where polygraph testing services that are provided by Polygraph Truths are able to help.




How Polygraph Testing Services Can Help Your Educational Institute


As the years roll by, there have been an ever-increasing number of cases where employers are presented with forged credentials during a potential candidate’s hiring process, some of which are only picked up on long after their official employment. While conducting this hiring process, it may not always be possible to uncover everything about each candidate through background searches and contacting their references. To get as close to the truth as possible, it has been well established over years of research and through practical use that a professionally conducted polygraph testing service with the correct equipment may be your best bet when used as your last resort in all manner of situations.


However, at Polygraph Truths, we completely understand that having to participate in a polygraph testing service for any reason can be a stressful endeavour for all those involved. By forcing employees to take part without much regard for their overall well-being, it may easily bring up a general sense of distrust and unease amongst your staff towards you. This is why we would like to provide you with a few of the many ways in which such services can actually impact the relationship between employer and employees in a positive way, as well as how to implement polygraph testing services into the workplace in a manner that does not cause panic or discomfort for those that are required to participate.


We also understand the scale of the aforementioned points are only exacerbated when placed in an educational environment where close to thousands of students may be involved too. But with the lives and education of so many young and growing individuals at potential risk, a greater emphasis needs to be placed on the truth, something that can easily be gained through the help of a lie detection test. At Polygraph Truths, we provide a number of polygraph testing services that can be helpful in this environment.




The first of our polygraph testing services would be our pre-employment screening, which allows you to intercept any potential bad actors during their hiring phase and well before they have even gotten close to teaching a student. We then have our periodic screening, which is seen as a proactive preventative measure against educators and other staff members who may currently be or are conspiring to conduct unlawful behaviour on or around the school premises. Then lastly, we have our incident-specific screening, which is used to separate the innocent individuals from the guilty during an investigation after a specific event has taken place on school grounds, such as sexual misconduct, physical or extreme verbal assault, arson, fraud and more.


While each of these polygraph testing services may be intended for entirely different contexts, individuals that are required to take part in either one of these screenings should be notified beforehand and in a manner that is calm and understanding, rather than forcing it upon them at the moment in a cold and uncaring manner. This is something that can cause severe stress to even the most innocent and well-adjusted among us. The length of time between notifying employees and the actual time of the screening may be adjusted, however, according to the severity of the situation at hand.


When informing your employees that a polygraph testing service will be conducted on school grounds, it is equally important to inform them of all their employee’s rights and limitations, explain the situation and reasoning behind why a test is being conducted in the first place, right to legal counsel as well as how the test itself will be conducted. This should also be accompanied by written notice with all the above information included. Violating these, or any other of the guidelines provided by the EPPA can result in hefty fines on individual occurrences.


With the help of such polygraph services, when conducted in a mindful and legal manner, of course, their results may allow you to determine whether an educator’s qualifications are legitimate while also uncovering any other illegal activity that they may be involved in that previously would have gone undetected. To ensure that your educators are truly qualified and ready to teach their students without the need for polygraph testing services, other methods would need to be used and continuously implemented on your institute’s own accord.


These methods could include adequate training and other skill acquisition programmes that should be implemented soon after employment and then additional sessions as necessary when new systems and technologies are brought in. Furthermore, prospective educators should be made fully aware of the importance that is placed upon them when taking the education of another into their own hands and should be remunerated accordingly with adequate salaries, scholarships and other incentives too.


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