What Do Vanity Fair’s Lie Detection Services Tell Us about Famous Personalities?





As an accredited institute within the polygraph testing industry, we at Polygraph Truths LC have for obvious reasons taken keen interest in Vanity Fair’s on-going celebrity lie-detection interview series. Established in 1913 by the decades-old publisher Conde Nast, Vanity Fair still produces riveting and relevant pop culture content to this day.


This polygraph series, available for free on their YouTube channel, is but one more example of the magazine’s prevailing brand power in the 21st century. Videos in the series involve the interviewing of a celebrity guest, the catch being that they are strapped to a polygraph testing kit monitored by lie detection services personnel hired by Vanity Fair.


The series has featured more than 80 guest stars over the course of 55 episodes thus far. Popular personalities such as Kristen Bell, Terry Crews and Cara Delevinge have taken their turn in the hot seat. Once strapped in, celebrities can expect to then get grilled with personal questions while trapped in a position wherein they cannot tell a lie and get away with it.


The film and media industry has gotten a lot of mileage out of polygraph testing. Even now as lie detection services become more of a rare trade, knowledge of the profession is cemented in the annals of popular culture’s history.


Needless to say, many of us here at Polygraph Truths have developed a keen interest in this series. In our profession, the application of polygraph devices is most often conducted under austere conditions such as criminal investigations. To see polygraphs used to produce light-hearted and entertaining media featuring our favourite celebrities is an enjoyably fresh breath of air.


The series is accessible and entertaining for a wide variety of audiences and there is a good chance that at least one of your favourite stars is featured in an episode. If celebrity media is your thing, you can look forward to learning some interesting trivia about the rich and famous.


Our regular readers may recall that we have covered this series in the past. We last discussed the episode featuring Hasan Minhaj wherein the famous comedian was strapped to a polygraph machine before being fed a list of questions that, as the show progressed, became more and more personal in nature.




As previously promised, we are going to continue our coverage of our favourite episodes in the series. This time, we have chosen the interview of award-winning actress Emilia Clarke who is most well recognised for her leading role as Daenerys Targaryen in the syndicated series, Game of Thrones.


How Does Emilia Fare through Her First Round of Questions?


As is customary with real-life lie detection services, Emilia is first asked a series of simple questions to which the answers are common knowledge. This is always done during the setup phase of a polygraph examination, the purpose of which is to ensure that the polygraph machine is calibrated to the interviewee it is attached to.


The devices strapped to various parts of Emilia’s body will at this point be assessing three primary indicators of autonomic arousal. The three indicators in question are; skin conductivity, blood pressure (heart rate), and respiration.




Once calibration is completed, Emilia’s poker face gets put to the test in a round of questions focusing on the actress’s life. She is asked if she thinks of herself as the best actor to come out of Oxfordshire, England, to which she responds truthfully with a yes.


She is then asked to reconsider her response after being shown a photo of Hugh Laurie, a golden globe award-winning actor who also grew up in Oxfordshire. Much to her chagrin, Emilia retracts her initial statement shortly thereafter.


British teeth:


Emilia is then queried about the age old notion that British people have notoriously bad teeth. She truthfully states that she believes the stereotype to be true. However, she does take the opportunity to state that she is an exception, showing off her pearly whites to the camera with a proud smile.


Prince William:


The interviewer then asks Emilia about her brush-ins with the British Royal Family, namely Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The two crossed paths at Kensington Palace where they were both set to present at the Centrepoint Awards. At this point, it was a well-known fact that Prince William and his wife were big fans of Game of Thrones.


According to Emilia, the exchange of greetings between the two bordered on awkward due in large part to her lack of understanding of the formalities and social etiquette regarding interactions with members of the Royal Family.


In stark contrast to the character she portrays in Game of Thrones, Emilia apparently had to bend the knee when meeting Prince William for the first time. She also recalls having to curtsy and refer to the prince by his title every time she addressed him. She was also not allowed to turn her back towards Prince William when in his company.


Emilia calls to mind her struggling with all of the aforementioned requirements, admitting that she wishes she had handled the situation better. According to her, she feels embarrassed given that she does not think he even watched Game of Thrones.


The lie detection services pick this up as a truthful statement which is interesting given that we know Prince William and Kate Middleton to be avid fans of the show. There is no doubt in our minds that Emilia might probably have felt differently about the interaction had she known that the prince was indeed fond of her work.







The interviewer then begins questioning Emilia about her proficiency in musical instruments. Over the course of her life, Emilia has learned how to play the guitar, piano, and the flute. According to the actress, she has lost most of her ability to play the guitar and the piano.


She attributes her lack of guitar skills to her impatience and explains that people only think she can play the piano because she would write it down in her audition forms. The flute, however, she is still quite proficient in.


The interviewer then asks her if she would ever consider playing the flute with famous American hip-hop artist Lizzo to which she eagerly proclaims how willing she would be to perform alongside the musician.




Although the two have not met personally, Emilia is incredibly fond of Lizzo and had the luxury of being able to watch her grab a flute from a chute built into the floor of the stage (something that would later go viral on social media) in person when she watched her perform in Glastonbury.


Emilia‘s Career History Is Probed during Her Second Round of Questioning


After a few more questions, the interviewer decides shift focus onto Emilia Clarke’s colourful career history. The 35-year-old actress received her education at the Drama Centre London after which she predominantly performed in stage plays for a time.


It was in 2009 that she would appear on TV for the first time, performing a guest appearance in a BBC One soap opera. Two years later, Emilia would find her big break when she took on the roll of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.


Snow White:


As many of Emilia Clarke’s fans will know, the beloved actress’s career was not always so glamorous. To get where she is today, Emilia suffered through whatever was necessary to keep allowing herself to follow her dreams.


The interviewer running the lie detection services jokingly probes Emilia about one such time in her life where she would dress up as a Snow White and entertain children at parties. The actress explains that this was but one of the jobs she would have to perform when working for a catering service.


Emilia tells the interviewer that it was common among aspiring actors to take of jobs in the catering industry when looking for auditions. According to her, certain aspects of the job offered more ways for one to secure casting rolls while still being able to make ends meet.


Emilia describes the experience as “just terrible”, detailing how she would have to entertain the bratty children of rich people on Christmas. She then bursts into hysterics when the interviewer asks her if that job appeared on her resume when she auditioned for Game of Throne.


Star Wars


Emilia Clarke recently starred in Solo: a Star Wars Story. Under the scrutiny of the lie detection services, however, she is forced to admit that her knowledge of the George Lucas’s film series is still very limited.


After further prodding on the topic of Star Wars, Emilia gets to discussing how she became quite close friends with Phoebe Waller-Bridges on the set of Solo. She confesses that Phoebe has on occasion plugged her with tickets to her Fleabag show when they were sold out – that’s what friends are for.


Game of Thrones


Emilia finally gets a chance to put the matter of the Starbucks cup to rest in this portion of the interview. If you were an avid fan of Game of Thrones during the running of its final season, you might recall the embarrassing scene in which a Starbucks coffee cup sits on a table in front of a big chunk of the main cast.


In light of the ensuing controversy, the show’s producers explained that this was due to tardiness on their part as they rushed towards the finale’s deadline. Following this, there was but one more question left on everyone’s mind; well, whose cup is it?


Given its proximity to Emilia in the scene, many a fan theorised her to be the culprit. However, Emilia is allowed to clear her name with the denial of this claim being read as the truth by the lie detection services.


Apparently, it is most likely that a member of the crew forgot the coffee cup in frame before cameras started rolling. According to Emilia, the drinks ordered for members of the cast were not prepared by Starbucks. Instead, cast members had access to craft services.




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